Evaluation of the Teacher Led Technology Challenge

BPA was the evaluation partner for the Teacher Led Technology Challenge (TLTC), one of the Technology Challenge Grants funded by the Learning Technologies Division of the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. The TLTC used new technology tools to promote improved teaching and learning within all of the regular pre-kindergarten, elementary, and middle school classrooms in the Berkeley Unified School District. The project also included a computer home-borrowing program for families currently lacking access to technology. The five-year project was supported by over 20 consortium members including Apple Computer, Microsoft Corporation, Intellitools, the University of California, and a variety of other business, academic, and nonprofit partners.

As the evaluator of the TLTC, BPA conducted both implementation and outcome studies that will measure and document the demonstration's progress in meeting its goals, and that will assist project staff in maintaining a highly effective project. Evaluators collected and analyzing data on student achievement in core studies and student self-concept, teacher skills in using technology and integrating it into classroom practices, and parent attitudes towards technology and satisfaction with their children's education. BPA also evaluated the quality of the staff development opportunities offered by the project, and paid particular attention to the impact of the computer home borrowing program on participating students and parents.


Assessing the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning: A Sourcebook for Evaluators (Apr, 2002)
Emerging from two Technology Evaluation Institutes sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and conduced collaboratively with the University of Michigan, the Sourcebook includes reviews of current practice in seven different measurement domains including cognitive and affective outcomes for learners, outcomes in adult education, improved technology skills for teachers, changes in pedagogy, technology integration, and dissemination outcomes.

Teacher Led Technology Challenge: Project Evaluation Summary Report (Dec, 2001)
Report is summative across the five years.

Teacher Led Technology Challenge: Final Evaluation Report (Nov, 2001)
This evaluation report assesses the extent to which the project met its goals and describes key elements of the project design, how they evolved over time, lessons learned through its implementation, and what might be transferable to other efforts to integrate technology into pre-K, elementary, and middle school classrooms.